Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Visual Voicemail System Benefits

One of the most profitable value added service that telecommunication providers has introduced is perhaps the telephony feature of the voicemail system. Unfortunately, its popularity has blurred since its introduction 30 years ago. However, despite of decrease in usage, it remains as one of the most essential element in telecommunication since the human voice is a potent conveyor of information than written words.

Office phone systems today are adapting major improvements over the traditional TUI (Telephonic User Interface) that is used on their business voicemail system. Most providers are now setting-up visual voicemails and client-based systems as replacement for older voicemail systems and its technology is still being further improved. Some notable aspects as to why a visual interface is more suitable are:

•    Easy to use and simplicity of the user interface
•    Intuitive and quicker response
•    Seamless integration with other applications
•    Comprehensive overview of messages
•    Better privacy and security
•    Mobility
•    Synchronization of accounts
•    Message prioritization

Adopting this type of voice mail system can benefit both the service providers and its subscribers since it can cater to the compatibility and integration issues with newer handheld devices like the release of the new iPhone model. While service providers can easily add clients they can also assure them that compatibility issues are not a problem when they switch to their services. Moreover, service modifications, message retrievals and end-user services are tackled painlessly with visual systems.

Service providers are encouraged to switch to this new voice mail system in order to expand and take advantage of different platforms. Leveraging to this new system will eliminate their gradating revenues and provide their clients with an uninterrupted service.


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