Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Communication Extension with a Mobile PBX System

Mobile devices are small handheld or pocket-sized gadgets that are useful for a wide range of tasks that include; taking notes, web-surfing, personal information management, invoicing, barcode scanning, calling, and many more. These devices were designed to work reliably in different condition and environment.  Up to date, there are already an array of high tech gadgets like media players, PDAs, digital videos/cameras, gaming consoles, ultra mobile PCs, smart phones, calculators, tablet PCs and mobile phones.

These devices, like the mobile/smart phones, are also designed for numerous applications. As a matter of fact other services like the hosted PBX for instance, took advantage of these devices and extend its functionality to operate with them. This led to the emergence of the mobile PBX phone system. This new phone system does not only manage calls on a mobile or smart phone but can also be effective in forwarding data, managing configuration and running application to exploit other PBX system functionality. Moreover, connected devices to the mobile PBX can be easily reached by dialing the defined extension.

The mobile PBX can further enhance the communication effectiveness of the business because it can facilitate connectivity between internal and external teams. With cost management as well as the smart calling features, different teams can now communicate with each other easily and the cheaper way.

Some of its useful features include the call divert; split billing for personal and business calls; time/date based outgoing call blocking; creation of hunt group numbers; and a web-based account for management and configuration.

Although many have thought that these ubiquitous mobile phones serves as a threat to the PBX and virtual PBX system vendors. But with the advances in technology, it became an added enhancement to create yet another business phone solution.


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