Sunday, July 4, 2010

VoIP for Business and Residential Users

Broadband and other internet connections can now make and receive phone calls with the use of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Different VoIP business phone service providers often dub this service as a broadband phone, digital voice or internet phone service which cab be used as a marketing technique in order to entice more subscribers.
The VoIP phone service offers businesses and residential users with many benefits over a regular phone service. Among the other advantages, the service offers the lowest phone call cost. With VoIP, all phone calls are covered with a low monthly payment. Taxes and other fees of the regular phone rates are no longer included with the VoIP service which makes it a cheaper alternative. International and long distance calls can now be made regularly since there will be cheaper calling rates.

The VoIP for business or residential services offer vast features that can create a reliable and quality communication system. The Service includes the following:

•    Redirection of phone calls to voice mail
•    Forwarding of voice mail as attachment to emails
•    Call conference with up to 3 or more people
•    Caller ID
•    Call waiting
•    911 or 411 service
•    Internet fax
•    Last number redialing
•    Call blocking
•    Call forwarding
•    Portability

These are just the basic features that are common in most of the VoIP providers. Since this technology is fast growing, other providers are now equipping their service with office phone system advanced features like: toll free numbers, call transfer, DND, distinctive ring, virtual numbers and many more.

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