Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tips in Searching for Toll Free Vanity Numbers

Acquiring vanity telephone numbers nowadays is a big challenge. Time has changed and the popularity of these phone numbers has increased tremendously and their availability has been scarce because more businesses are now acquiring them due to the positive benefits that it provides.

Getting any vanity toll free numbers is not what business owners would prefer. Rather they want a number that is closely related to their type of business and something that is unique. This sort of strategy allows a business to stand out among the competition and provides presence to the consuming public.

The following tips can help a business in searching for suitable vanity toll free numbers:
  1. It may be possible that the phone word numbers to acquire is already taken or may still be available in rare situations. Dialing the number or utilizing an online toll free number directory search can assist in determining their availability. If a potential number is available then always acquire it from a RespOrg. Obtaining a toll free number other than a RespOrg is illegal under the FCC regulations.
  2. Popular telecommunication providers or some toll free phone number brokers can be consulted for their availability. But be cautious because some of them maybe operating outside the rules of the FCC.
  3. Search for a toll free vanity telephone numbers provider that uses a shared-use system. This system allows different businesses to share a certain vanity number by using routing and special area codes.
Getting a vanity number is a business investment. Remember to always get an appropriate number, do not settle for second rate prefixes (866, 877 and 888) and make sure that the provider has a tracking system for logging and monitoring calls.

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