Friday, April 30, 2010

Better Call Handling and Management

A phone call is a very valuable communication event for every business. In fact, a phone call is as important as the products or services a company offers because it is a source for information, inquiries or orders.

Some companies are even taking advantage of putting up multiple phone lines to ensure that no calls will be missed. But this setup does not guarantee every caller to always reach the business without hearing a busy signal especially if some callers are engaged in lengthy phone calls. As a matter of fact the use of too many lines is also a waste of money.

Fortunately, there are ideal phone systems that provide powerful and efficient call management tools that will also eliminate the requirement for multiple telephone lines:

Auto-Attendant – provides a voice menu system that assists a caller in reaching the proper extension or contact. Some auto attendant system even allows a caller to reach a human operator by pressing a certain key.

Call Forwarding – responsible for the call management and the rerouting of calls to the proper extension or contact. It works in conjunction with the auto attendant feature.

Music/Message On Hold – catches the attention of callers, on wait, by playing music or messages. Some companies take advantage of this feature by employing it as a marketing tool.

Virtual Extensions – eliminated the need for multiple phone lines by assigning existing phone numbers as extensions to the main business number.

Voicemail – allows a caller to leave a message which can be retrieved later via phone, desktop PC or an online account.

Why waste money and resources when a single number, coupled with powerful tools, can provide better call handling and management.

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