Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Environment Friendly Internet Fax Machine

The fax machine is slowly losing its importance in today’s mobile and internet technology. And, with every country’s campaign in saving the environment, the fax machine has been labeled as non-eco friendly because it is known that this device consumes and wastes some office resources.

Paper is one of the necessities this machine requires because the sending and receiving of facsimiles involves the use of this material. Depending on the type of the machine being used, a successful fax transmission usually prints the document as an image on paper with the use of carbon, ink or toner. That’s not all; a fax machine needs to be connected to a phone line and powered on all the time in order to receive faxes.

With an internet fax machine the cost of an extra machine, paper, ink, electricity and phone bills are eliminated. All it need is an internet faxing service, an email account and any device with an online capability. Since facsimiles are sent via email, soft copies can be easily stored and distributed without the need to print them. Therefore, it helps in saving heaps of paper which in turn prevents the cutting of more trees to produce them.

Moreover, fax over internet is much secure when compared to a traditional fax machine. Sending a fax via email ensures that only the receiver has access to the document unlike its predecessor wherein a transmitted fax allows anyone to take a glimpse of it.

With all of the above mentioned necessities required by a traditional fax machine, there is no compelling reason to use this uneconomical device.

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