Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Phone System for Business Basic Buyer’s Guide

Phone systems for small business are essential telecommunication devices that every company should purchase. The system will allow the business, its customers, vendors, partners and other contacts to easily reach each other.

Different types of phone systems are developed because of different business requirements. Five of the major types of phone systems are: PBX, key, KSU-less, hosted and VoIP systems. Which type of system to choose from would depend on how many extensions or features your company requires. PBX and hosted systems are usually suitable for a company with more than 40 employees. For less than 40 employees a key system is the typical choice while a KSU-less system is an affordable choice for a start-up company with less than 10 employees. Determining the size of the company is an important factor when planning to buy the right phone system.

But before purchasing that phone system for business here are some pointers to consider:
  1. If possible, ask other businesses about the phone system they are using and inquire about the price, vendor, features, options, plans and other related matter.
  2. Pictures seen on the internet, posters or ads are insufficient. It is always better to visit the vendor and see how the actual equipment works.
  3. If possible ask the vendor for a quick demo of some important features like audio quality, voicemail, extensions, call transfer, etc.
  4. Make sure that the phone system is compatible and will work with other third-party devices.
  5. Buy the system during the end of the quarter when prices are much lower.

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