Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Hosted PBX System Tour

In today’s telecommunication jargon, hosted PBX is perhaps the most widely used term. In short definition, a hosted system simply means a business telecommunication service that uses the web to deliver data, voice and other media. This is a true web communication service that uses no PBX hardware on the part of the subscriber. All the management, operation and hosting resides on the provider’s premise.

The internet/LAN network is the heart of this phone system. It is the link between hosting provider and the subscriber. It is also where all the business’ remote offices and branches will be interconnected in order to become a part of the subscriber’s phone system. Leveraging an existing connection to broadband will be advantageous for the part of the subscriber.

The facilities of the hosting system provider are where the actual PBX hardware, devices and equipments will be housed. The provider will be handling and managing all of the telephone connections. That is why it is possible to have no phone lines. All the subscribing company has to do is simply connect the telephones to the network just like any PC or printer.

Even though PSTN phone lines can be eliminated with this type of phone system, they can still be accommodated though by simply connecting them to the hosting provider. Fast growing company usually branches out and that is not a problem with the system. All the remote offices will only have to require an internet connection in order to link up with the main phone system of the company.

A hosted system is a complete and a cost-effective phone service for any business type and size.


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