Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Useful Toll Free Service Directories on the Web

Small and large business can utilize toll free numbers as powerful tools for branding and marketing. 800 toll free numbers have been around for a very long time and are here to stay even with the threat of flat-rate phone call rates and the escalation of cell phone usage.

A toll free service can provide a consumer with a free way to connect to a business for support, inquiries or orders. That is why more consumers tend to choose a toll free number rather than a local number when calling. But, some companies pay little attention in advertising their toll-free numbers thus resulting in hard to find numbers.

Below are few of the most useful toll free phone directories in the web that can provide assistance when searching for toll free numbers:
  • Airline Toll Free Numbers and Website – not really a directory but a listing of the world’s airline carrier.
  • AnyWho – as part of AT and T, it does not only provide a toll-free number search but also has white and yellow pages.
  • Argali White and Yellow – one of the most powerful and complete telephone directory searching tools in the web.
  • Canada TollFree – a service that provides a free toll-free numbers search on products or services in Canada.
  • FCIC National Contact Center – in search of the most common federal toll-free numbers? Then FCIC can be a big help.
  • Health Hotlines – provides a toll-free number searching of health-related services.
  • World Directories – phone directories collection from around the world.

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