Friday, June 11, 2010

Reasons That Makes a Virtual PBX the Better Choice

Before the PBX (Private Branch eXchange) was introduced companies were having difficulties in looking for possibilities to connect with important departments and contacts the efficient way. These days, the PBX phone system has become a necessity as well as a useful communication tool that enable businesses to operate effectively.

A PBX system works its magic when phones, facsimile machines, modems, PCs and other communication devices are linked to the main number as extensions. Utilizing a traditional PBX phone system can also help in reducing the cost incurred on internal phone calls. As its popularity increases and more features being incorporated this phone system, it has become the choice for businesses in managing calls.

With the increasing demands for features and usability, phone companies and telecommunication providers have developed a new type of phone system that does not only incorporate all of the traditional PBX’s features and functionality but also turned it into a hosted service. This innovation is known as the virtual PBX phone system, which makes use of the internet as a central hub where communication devices can be attached as extensions.

Today, this virtual PBX is the top choice for businesses and organizations because of the following functions:
  1. Eliminates the need to purchase expensive and bulky telecommunication hardware since it resides in the hosting provider’s premises.
  2. A web-based account enables makes it easier to access, manage and configure.
  3. Communication is made affordable since it uses the internet to broadcast calls.
  4. Mobility enables the communication to be extended.
With an affordable price, flexible plan and advanced features, the virtual PBX system has revolutionized the way businesses communicate.

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