Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Why a Virtual PBX is better than a Traditional PBX

To achieve the communication goal of connecting departments, employees and other important business contacts, the quickest and fastest way requires the use of a private branch exchange or PBX. Businesses have seen the importance of this phone system as an essential communication tool.

How this helpful PBX phone system works? It works by connecting various communication devices or equipments of a company such as telephones, fax machines and modems as a physical extension to the main business number. With the use of a single number, the cost of using too many phone lines can then be eliminated.

With growing demands and increasing popularity, it has become a comprehensive business communication solution for managing calls. As more features are being incorporated, and the technology of the internet and telecommunication being merged, the traditional PBX has evolved into a virtual PBX system. This phone system, also known as a hosted service, eliminates the use of physical lines and wires. It uses the internet, instead, to connect phones as extensions virtually.

Virtual phone systems can efficiently work with many businesses because it does not require the purchase of expensive and bulky communication hardware. Everything resides on the hosting provider’s premise. Meaning, all the business has to do is to plug-in the pre-configured IP phones supplied by the provider or other existing communication tools such as mobile phones, emails and office telephones.

This type of phone system provides the business with an affordable communication system because a call from the internet is cheaper than a call from the traditional phone line. Moreover, it is easier to manage since the system can be accessed via the online command center.


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