Thursday, May 13, 2010

Get a Toll Free Number to Better Serve Customers

A business can always offer promotions, sales and discounts to attract many customers and increase sales. But when these offers expire, businesses are no longer assured of long term success not unless it can retain or increase their number of customers.  In order to bring customers back; the use of a good customer service is sometimes very necessary. Offering customer service enhances the satisfaction level of consumers. A satisfied customer will definitely pass along positive feedback to other consumers who may patronize the services or products themselves.

One way to provide better service to customers is by acquiring a toll free phone number. When companies get a toll free number they allow their customers to easily reach the business for free. With free calling, a business will expect huge volume of calls that can overwhelm its campaign and often lead to unanswered or unattended calls. This in turn can turn off callers. But this can be easily prevented by coupling an 800 service with helpful features.

A feature, like the auto-attendant, will be helpful in automatically answering calls and redirecting the caller to the appropriate extension. While some callers may not be comfortable with an automated recording, a business can hire a live receptionist as an alternative to this feature. Whether automated or not, it is important for a business that somebody is answering the phones.

Another useful 800 feature is the click-to-call me. Many consumers are now getting online to make a purchase or get more information about a product or service. With the click-to-call me feature, the company can provide a link on a page that the visitor can click in order to connect to the business automatically.

More calls mean an increase in potential sales and orders. The 800 services can help companies boost productivity and build better customer relationship.

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