Friday, May 21, 2010

Cloud-Based Phone System for the Business

Cloud-based computing, an internet metaphor based on the telephone network drawings, share resources (software, data and other information) to computers and other devices in the same manner as the electricity grid delivers electricity to consumers. Cloud computing describes a new delivery method and supplement for providing scalable and virtualized resources as internet-based services. Providers typically deliver their services, stored on their servers, via the internet, which subscribers can access with the use of software or web applications.

Telecommunication providers have taken advantage of this new delivery method by applying it to their business phone system.  In the past, traditional PBX phone system costs a lot to setup and maintain. With cloud-based computing, the requirement to purchase expensive communication hardware, perform tedious installation, and providing technical expertise, have been eliminated. Aside from this, enables the provider to lower down the monthly fees incurred on their subscribers. This in turn allows subscribers to acquire a cost-effective system and still get the flexibility of a phone system to easily connect with their customers.

A cloud-based phone system includes four components:
  1. A complete hosted phone and fax system that offers multiple extensions, voicemail, call forwarding, call controller, internet fax, toll free number, call management and many more.
  2. Unlimited long distance calling and toll free services.
  3. Ready to use pre-configured IP phones.
  4. All inclusive, low, flat and fixed simple monthly pricing models.
With cloud computing, businesses can readily have a telecommunication system that can be instantly activated, easily set up and a self-service solution which was previously unaffordable. With the buying complexities removed, small businesses can now use a world class phone system.

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