Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Online Business Plus – a Complete Hosted PBX System

With today's advanced phone and fax systems, a business can be readily equipped to have an intelligent telecommunication. With affordable pricing, a feature-packed hosted PBX system also eliminates the need to purchase additional telecommunication hardware or equipments.

This modern PBX system, also called an IP phone system, is a phone system that a business can lease or rent, from a hosting provider, on a contractual basis. In short all the necessary components resides on the hosting provider's premise. What the subscriber's needs to do is simply focus on its business operation.

A hosted PBX solution has more advantage than a hardware based PBX system. Being hosted means that every communication is routed to and from the subscriber and hosting provider. In terms of cost and benefits this system is cheaper to operate, easy to install and quick up time.

In addition to the cost and benefits, different hosted PBX providers even packed their system plans with far more features that will truly benefit a business. One plan that is worthy to mention is the Online Business Plus plan from a top caliber provider. At $24.99 per month a business can enjoy the included 500 minutes with ten extensions. Excess minutes are then charged at 5.99 cents each minute. A program included also acts as the control center for accessing all the telecommunication features via the computer thus making it a complete system suitable to any business.

Hosted systems maybe advantageous, flexible and cheaper to operate but as the numbers of users grows the cost advantages may disappear as well.

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