Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Getting Immediate Attention with Voicemail and Message Alerts

A business employing the service of a fax via internet must have means to manage newly received faxes. Since, this new faxing method enables simultaneous sending/receiving of faxes, it can be expected that bucket loads of new faxes are to received on a daily basis on your inbox.
Fax via internet service providers anticipate this by providing an alert feature. Every time that a new fax arrives in the office mailbox a notification alert is sent via e-mail or text message. Receiving new message alerts enables a business to immediately apply the required action needed for urgent documents.

Voicemail is another area where a business can expect large volume of activity especially if the business offers customer support or services with a toll free number. Missed calls are unavoidable even if the business phone system has sophisticated call forwarding and answering rules. Hence, it would be advantageous to have a voicemail running as it serves as the systems last resort for receiving messages. Just like with an internet fax, voicemail has the similar voicemail alerts whenever a new message arrives.

These useful alert features can immediately inform the business of newly received faxes or messages. As a result, urgent documents or calls can be attended without any delay. In addition, a contact, who is out of office, will be able to listen to voicemails or read faxes while on the road as long as there is an internet and an internet-enabled device on hand.
Why wait and worry when message and voicemail alerts can provide instant notification when a new document or an important call arrives. Knowing this, it is safe to conclude that using message alerts can assist a business to work more effectively and provide excellent customer service.

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