Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Collaboration Tools for Virtual Law Firms

Today’s virtual law firms are relying on the benefits of modern technology to work together with fellow lawyers and coordinate with clients effectively in order to get the job done. Some of these collaboration tools that are now being enjoyed by law firms are:
  • Conference Calling - a simple but effective tool that provides lawyers with an instantaneous communication using a telephone. An ordinary telephone will work and serve well the communication requirement of two persons. But, if it involves more than two parties then a call conference is the suitable tool to employ. Modern communication devices like home telephones, mobile phones, virtual PBX and VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) systems now includes this as an added feature.
  • IM (Instant Messaging) - it has been the communication tool of choice for teens and young adults. Today, IM has found its way on world of business such as law firms and some users are starting to abandon some of their communication tools like e-mail or voicemail for it. With IM, users can communicate in real-time with the ability to share different files. Among the popular IM applications are: AIM (AOL Instant Messenger), Google Talk, Skype, Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger.
  • Remote or Screen Sharing - it is a technology that allows a user to virtually share the computer desktop with another user for the purpose of sharing images, documents, presentations or troubleshooting. Some enterprises are utilizing this tool to hold online meetings. Other functions that can be achieved with it are: annotations, chatting, downloading, installation and recording.
  • Web Conferencing - a tool that most enterprises are now using since it allows them to share almost anything like audio, desktop screen, documents, images, software applications, videos, etc. Unfortunately, it is one of the most difficult tools to implement and may require a company to provide this service.

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