Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Technologies for Business Use

Almost everything involved in operating the business these days are being streamlined by technology. From accounting, administrative, customer support, list management, production to marketing modern technology is used to increase productivity and profit.

Most businesses are using basic business technologies like a PC (personal computer), phone system and mobile phones. But, depending on the business type and size, some may utilize additional and specialized devices to meet the growing necessities of the company. With continuing research and development, there is always a technology to answer the needs of every business:
  • Cellphone/Handheld Device – enable users to become mobile and provides them with features like contact management, internet connection, MMS/SMS (Multimedia Messaging Service/Short Message Service), etc.
    • Computer - gives the business with the ability to handle basic and sophisticated tasks such as internet access, graphic design, word processing, etc. 
    • Office Phone System - it is one of the most important communication equipment a company should have. Telephone systems can provide complete control and management of calls, extensions, faxes and voicemails. Affordable PBX services are now being offered by various providers. These modern telephony systems are packed with useful call management features like answering rules, call controller, times of day routing,office phone system extensions, virtual PBX voicemail, and many more.
    • Printer - allows documents and reports to be printed. It comes in basic types: dot matrix, inkjet and laser.
    • Toll Free Phone Number - it provides a way for customers to call the business, for inquiries or orders, free of charge. Telephone companies are now offering this service but, if the company already have a virtual PBX phone system then it is likely to be included as an added feature.
    • VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) - provides cheaper calls than ordinary telephone lines since it make use of the internet for transmitting voice and other data. Unfortunately, its quality depends on the speed of the internet connection.
    Other technologies that are valuable to any businesses are: fax machine, software application and photocopier.

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    1. I think before we know it VoIP systems will replace usual landline telephones and many offices will become 'remote.