Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Service Provider Winners by 800 Number Pricing

The following toll free number providers are the winners when it comes to toll free pricing. These selected winners offers the most comprehensive and affordable toll free plans which includes some or all the full features of a virtual PBX package. The following lists offers a summary of what these providers can offer.
  • RingCentral Business Plus – one of the best toll free numbers provider in the market because it offers four plans that includes all the features of a virtual PBX package. With rates of $24.99 per month or $29.99 annually, included are: free 500 minutes, 10 extensions, a free trial, and free setup.
  • Halloo Solo M-500 – a plan suitable for individuals who wants to get 800 number service. At $29.95 per month, it comes with a free setup, a free trial and 500 minutes. Unfortunately, the solo plan does not offer multiple extensions which is only offered with their office plans.
  • TollFree Forwarding Standard – the cheapest in terms of the monthly fee at only $19.77 a month. However, it only comes with 250 minutes. Also, they don’t have extensions. Fortunately they offer a free trial and free setup as well.
  • FreedomVoice Freedom Lite – at $24.95 a month it comes with 500 minutes with an additional 5.5¢ per minute in excess. At this rate however, they do not include extensions. Check out their other plans that include multiple extensions at

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  1. For prepaid Toll Free number with forwarding, $2.95/month (plus 5c/min) is the cheapest.