Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Toll Free Pricing and Scalability

Expect a business to grow when toll free numbers are put into use. This service enables callers to contact the business without costing them a penny. The business can also serve customers better by offering them a free support and service. Overall, utilizing a toll free service can improve business-customer relationship and acquire a potential marketing tool.

Before planning to acquire a toll free service for the business it is very important to consider the 800 number pricing of the chosen provider. A good price should reflect better toll free features such as: 3 way calling, auto-attendant, call blocking, call recording, call return, call routing, call screening, call waiting, caller ID, customer greeting, etc. As a matter of fact a decent provider even offers a toll free service that includes a full virtual PBX system package.

Price scalability is another important factor to think about. A toll free provider that offers scalable pricing plans enables a business to switch from one plan to another in order to accommodate the communication requirements. Different providers offers different pricing plan. Consider the following providers as an example:
  1. RingCentral offers four scalable plans that varies on the included minutes and extensions. It allows businesses to switch from one plan to another depending on the call requirements. 
  2. For $99.99 a month PhonePeople offers an unlimited plan that accommodates as much call minutes as required with 100 extensions included.
  3. FreedomVoice Systems on the other hand offers customized pricing plans based on features, number of minutes and extensions.
These are just few of the many providers that offers scalable plans. Always remember that using a toll free number enables a business to grow. Before acquiring one always consider the price scalability and pricing.

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