Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Better Handling of Calls with the Follow Me Feature

One of the most excellent PBX system feature is perhaps the Follow Me Call Forwarding. This special telephone system characteristic enables a call to be rerouted and delivered easily. It allows quick configuration so that calls can be routed to any phone in any location instantly. This is a feature essential to frequent travelers or to people who are always on the go since they can bring the business with them anywhere they go without the worries of missing or neglecting important calls.

Follow Me is such a versatile phone system feature because it can forward calls to a list of different phone numbers. This flexibility allows an inbound call to ring any of the pre-programmed phone numbers (mobile, office, home, overseas). Once the call is answered the other receiving phones will stop ringing as well.

With the Follow Me Call Forwarding feature a business can also benefit from automatic forwarding by adjusting the redirection of a call based on time, day or the calling number. This prevents a call in ruining special event such as time with the family or a special meeting in the office.

This feature can also be utilized to retain privacy and confidentiality. It prevents callers from being alerted when their call is being forwarded and enables office staff to reach the big boss’ phone without disclosing his/her whereabouts.

To ensure that no calls are missed or neglected then this Call Forwarding Follow Me feature is the appropriate feature to consider. Not only it allows better handling of incoming calls but it also permits callers to follow the business wherever the contact person is located.

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