Monday, April 19, 2010

Let Us Talk About Call Screening and Blocking

Unwanted phone calls are one of the problems that are encountered by many telephone owners.  Not only does it cause inconvenience. Privacy intrusion can also be a big threat to both business operation and private family time. Fortunately, there are solutions in putting an end to these unwelcome calls.

Call screening is a telephone feature that processes a call for evaluation so that the called party can decide on how to answer it. Some assessment that a user can perform are: listening to a recorded message stored on a voicemail or answering machine; or checking the caller ID, date and time. Some home users can take advantage of a call screen option, provided to them by the phone company, by configuring their telephone to route a call to a recording which informs the caller that the call will not be entertained. Other systems use a call controller to screen a call by providing the user with options to either: answer, reject or forward a call.

A rather straightforward manner in dealing with intrusive call is by using the call blocking feature. It is activated by specifying a number to block into the system. When that number called, the phone simply does not ring.

In the US, another option an owner can use is by registering to the National Do Not Call Registry. This prevents most but not all unsolicited calls from telemarketers. Unfortunately, it is also only applicable to residential lines.

Call Screening and blocking are two of the telephony features that can assist both business and home users in avoiding a stressful privacy invasion. Other phone systems for business may offer other options in dealing with unwanted calls to make sure that important calls are always received.

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