Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Call Screening – More Than Just Caller ID Capabilities

With a call screening feature, the called party is not only able to identify the caller but also can easily decide on whether to answer, reject or forward a call. It is a helpful telephone feature that gives the user the ability to prepare and control an inbound call. But this feature is not just all about the process of identifying and evaluating a call. In fact, it can perform other functions like the following:
  • Call Blocking – to ensure the reception of all the important calls, this function allows  straightforward blocking of specific callers based on their caller IDs.
  • Caller ID – not only does it displays the caller information such as name or number but this function enable an automated attendant to prompt the caller to announce their name which is then transmitted to the called party's audio device.
  • Caller Lists – a configurable listing of callers that are to be blocked or allowed in accessing the phone line.
  • Text to Audio Reply – enables the called party to type and send a text message, as a computer generated voice, to the caller.
Various VoIP services are also equipped with a similar VoIP call screening feature. This is usually incorporated in a software that is running on a PC, which allows incoming calls or voicemails to be played over the speaker. While the call is being played the software also presents the user with options for answering, rejecting or redirecting the call to another destination. A hosted VoIP feature such as this VoIP call screening service gives the user a feeling of owning a home answering machine.

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