Friday, April 16, 2010

A Glossary of the Most Common Virtual PBX System Features

Planning to acquire a virtual PBX system is a nice decision to help the business provide better customer service and support. To help the subscriber better understand the PBX system jargon below is a list of the most common features that are most likely to be encountered:

Auto-Attendant – automatically redirect a caller to an extension without the intervention of a human operator.

Call Blocking – allows a user to block any phone number.

Call Forwarding – redirect a caller to another destination if the called party is unavailable or otherwise unattended.

Call Screening – a process for evaluating an incoming call before actually answering it.

Call Transfer – enables the relocation of an ongoing call to another number or extension.

Caller ID – provides caller information (name, number or location) to the called party's device display.

Click to Call – converts web traffic into phone calls by embedding the phone number to a web page link that a visitor can click.

Custom Greeting – a message or music that is used in a voicemail, on-hold message, etc.

Dial by Name  – a system that announces a menu of directory extensions to the caller. Often associated with an auto-attendant.

Fax on Demand – a computer-based voice and fax service that lets callers retrieve hardcopy of documents easily.

Internet Fax – a new method of sending and receiving a facsimile via the internet.

Message Alerts – provides alerts via SMS or e-mail whenever new messages arrives.

Music on Hold – a feature that plays a music or message to a caller while waiting on hold.

Online Management – a management system included with a hosted PBX system for easy online configuration.

Voice mail – a feature for recording messages on a centralized system for later retrieval.


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