Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Common Sources for Music On-Hold

While most music on-hold system already has a default music samples, some users may be force to find other sources due to certain issues such as format and compatibility. This is important because some on-hold music systems run on a server that is not capable of converting the music sample to a compatible format.
Fortunately, most providers allow the use of other sources to use for the music on hold:

CD-ROM (Compact Disk-Read Only Memory):
Some providers may offer extra music on a CD-ROM which the user can easily upload onto the system. Not only does this CD-ROM contains music but it may also include custom greetings and voice prompts that are designed for use with other phone system feature like the automated attendant. But, be cautious when using CD-ROM as the source for the music on hold feature since this can have licensing issues and it should not be distributed to anyone else. A CD-ROM may also contain other samples like music loops.
Multicast and Unicast:
These sources are suitable for use with the phone system’s on hold music since they can conserve the use of system resources. Multiple users can also be supported simultaneously by sharing a single stream of audio via the internet. Unfortunately, making use of these sources requires the management and configuration of different devices, IP addresses and ports. To use multiple audio also requires configuring and incrementing of different IP addresses, and not port numbers, for each source in order to prevent the network from being saturated.

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