Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Information Exchange between Lawyers and Clients

Excellent legal service and competent lawyers is what a successful law firm is made of. But, these are not adequate if there is no proper coordination between lawyers and clients. Day to day process on a law firm usually involves a lot of information exchange and it is important to have a system to quickly access and convey information. It is also crucial to keep information that goes in and out of the firm confidential, organized and secured. All of these can be attained with the use of the following:
  • Call Forwarding – clients can easily reach a lawyer by allowing the office phone system to access all of the phone numbers configured on the call forwarding feature.
  • Internet Fax – one of the reliable tools not only for law firms but also for every business. Transmitting documents the fast and secure way is more probable with this technology rather than utilizing an old fax machine. Law firms can assure a reliable exchange of information between them and their clients since internet faxing does not rely on PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Networks).
  • Voicemail – law firms may not be opened 24 hours a day but their phone system is. Phone calls from clients can be unexpected anytime of the day and even during sleeping hours. But, that does not prevent information from being conveyed since unattended calls are taken care of by allowing callers to leave important messages on the voicemail inbox. Modern phone systems can even notify the user that a new message has arrived via SMS or e-mail alerts.

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