Monday, November 29, 2010

Answering Calls with the Real-Time Call Control

Due to budget constraints some small businesses may employ a limited number of staff which can result on everyone being consumed on their tasks including answering and attending to phone calls. Without a receptionist, there will be times when no one is available to answer an incoming call since some of the employees are out of the office for an appointment.

This situation can hinder good customer service and may put the business in peril particularly when important calls are always neglected. What the business needs to avoid this hindrance without compromising the tasks of each staff is a small business phone system solution equipped with a real-time call control feature.

This call controller is business telephone system call management tool that allow each user to have the ability to manage and control their own extensions. It is actually an application that provides the user with a desktop interface for controlling and managing calls using the computer. With this tool, other features such as answering rules, automated attendant, call forwarding, call routing, etc., can be easily configured to meet the preference of each users. Utilizing this desktop application can also provide the business with effortless inbound and outbound call management.

This feature works by allowing each call to be answered by an auto-attendant. The caller is presented with a categorized menu of extensions to easily reach the appropriate person. If the selected extension is not answered, busy or simply unattended, the call is either rerouted to another number or sent to the user’s voicemail to allow the caller to leave a message. If the user is in front of the computer, the desktop call controller displays the caller ID and other caller information with a pop-up window with other options to answer, reject or redirect the call.

With this tool, the company can work efficiently without having to worry of missing any calls.

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