Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pros and Cons of Some Phone Systems

Planning to acquire a phone system is not a simple task. With too many providers in the market, comparing each of their system is already bewildering. Moreover, telephone systems come in different types so one should make a wise decision of choosing the right one for the business since each of them have their own pros and cons.

CentrEx (Central Exchange)
This phone system was developed in order to resolve the disadvantages brought about by a traditional PBX system. With a Centrex system, a company will not have the hassle of maintaining the system since it is located on the premise of the hosting provider. Unfortunately, it still have its own sets of disadvantages:
  • There are no requirements to purchase expensive and bulky equipments.
  • Features and functions can be customized according to the requirement of the business.
  • It is easier to add more phone lines or extensions.
  • The inability to choose the preferred hardware or equipment to use.
  • The carrier or provider may charge more for the monthly maintenance and service.
  • Additional features are not free.

Key Systems
It is a phone system that requires a metal, plastic or wooden telephone closet where all the wirings are fitted. Key systems are only suitable for use with home or small businesses since they only offer basic telephony features like conference call or voicemail.
  • Affordable and less expensive than PBX system, virtual PBX system or other phone system types.
  • Easy to configure and set-up
  • Requires less space.
  • Limited in features and functionality
  • Less modern phone system
  • Not user-friendly to operate or configure

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