Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Developer Tools and Software for PBX Systems

Businesses and providers alike now have two options when choosing tools and software for their phone system. Just to note, different application and software developer tools now fall in two categories: Asterisk and Non-Asterisk.

Asterisk is considered as the best software for PBX systems because of its free nature and rich features. The following lists are few of the add-ons and tools that can be utilized together with Asterisk.

  • Asterisk-Perl Modules – modules in the form of Perl scripts are widely supported on Asterisk and developed by the Open Source community.
  • AstLinux – a Gentoo Linux flavored OS (Operating System) with pre-installed Asterisk.
  • AstWind – a Windows version of Asterisk implemented only for evaluation.
  • AMP (Asterisk Management Portal) – a PHP/Perl and web-based PBX phone system interface for Asterisk utilizing MySQL database.
  • JAsterisk – is a Java-based phone system interface for Asterisk.
  • LDAPGet (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol Get) – these are modules that can be customized and configured for multi-server setups, lookups, dial-plans, etc.
  • TAFM (The Asterisk Fax Manager) – a fax add-on that making use of Python scripts.
Non-Asterisk Based:
These are add-ons and tools that can be used in other platforms like MacOS X, Solaris, etc.

  • Bayonne – a GNU (GNU is Not Unix) telecommunication server.
  • Envox – commercial tools using Intel’s telephony products.
  • IDP (Intel Diagnostic Products) – are gateways and interface cards for telephony applications.
  • Open H.323 – an open-source version of the protocols recommended by the ITU (International Telecommunication Union).
  • SER (Session Initiation Protocol Express Router) – another open-source server from IPTel.
  • VOCAL (Vovida Open Community Application Library) – are open-source modules use for building telephony frameworks for IP PBX, virtual PBX or VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).
  • VOCP (VoiceXML Open Core Protocol) – Perl-based modules for adding IVR (Interactive Voice Response), fax and messaging functions.

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