Sunday, September 26, 2010

ANI and Toll Free Phone Numbers

Using a toll free number to call a telephone equipped with a caller ID feature will result in displaying the local number assigned to the calling number. This is due to the fact that free phone numbers are inbound phone service and their physical line does not exist. It means that this service rides over a working phone number line that the subscriber have. A call made to a 1 800 number will be rerouted to the service provider’s switched based circuit going to the appropriate subscriber.

But, not all toll-free numbers are concealed. FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and the law require that telemarketers should provide a valid caller ID whenever they call a telephone number. Telemarketers can legally accomplish this using a simulated number to appear on the display of the caller ID device of the phone number called. This number can either be the 800 service number itself or a local business number. Such ruling is important to provide a way for the called party to make a return call for inquiry, order or prevent the telemarketer in making further calls.

ANI (Automatic Number Identification) is the term used for the number that is simulated using Inward WATS (Inward Wide Area Telephone Service) or simply 800 phone numbers. ANI is composed of two components namely the information digit and the phone number. It is dissimilar and unrelated to a caller ID service since it can still capture the number on the caller ID device even if call blocking is enabled.

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