Friday, April 2, 2010

Internet Faxing Service Software

It is not enough to be able to send and receive faxes using an internet faxing service. While this service is already a convenient way to transmit facsimiles using the internet, businesses and even home users wanted more – the ability to create and edit faxes.

The ability to create and edit a fax on the ply eliminates the need to rescan a document. Tasks like adding a digital signature, putting an image or simply adding some texts can be done quickly with the use of internet fax software. With this tool the process of sending a fax can be speeded up.

This software is installed on a PC and can easily integrate with compatible applications such as Microsoft Office making it easier to create, edit or even send a fax straight from that application. Most internet fax softwares can handle different file types such as DOC, TIFF, PDF, JPG, etc.

Some of the internet fax softwares available in the market are:
  • FaxTalk Messenger Pro – does not only offers faxing service but also full featured voice messaging. It is an easy to use telephony application suitable for home users and small businesses.
  • WinFax Pro – it can create high-quality faxes straight from the computer. It has the ability to schedule the sending or forwarding of faxes via email.
  • Fax Now – using the FaxNow print driver it enables the sending of faxes using the print function of any application.
  • RingCentral Internet Fax – provides advanced faxing capabilities by enabling the sending/receiving of faxes via email and other applications.
  • HotFax Message Center – features such as fax forwarding, broadcasting, application integration and fax to email support makes it suitable for advanced users.
Whether it’s a VoIP internet fax service or an ordinary faxing service a simple tool can enable the business to work more efficiently.

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