Friday, April 9, 2010

Dial by Name Directory – Providing Convenience to Callers

The dial by name directory is a useful phone system component for letting a computer-generated voice, or auto attendant, to read and announce the name and/or extensions of every contact in an organization. This helpful feature provides convenience for a caller in reaching the proper contact person or department.

How it Works
When a customer rings a business a computer-generated voice will announce a menu structure of the extensions of the company:

“Press 1 for Accounting Department...” or “Press 9 for directory listing”

The caller is then prompted to enter the extension number. After pressing the selected extension the automated attendant will ask the caller to enter the numeric equivalent of the department or contact's name. If a matching name is found an automated attendant will announce a directory of the contacts' extension or number as a selection in order to connect the caller to the proper contact automatically.

Some office phone systems have a default human operator to take the inbound call immediately if the caller does not respond to the prompt or have difficulty in entering the appropriate extension.

The Benefits
Besides the fact that it can provide callers with an easy way to reach the appropriate extension, this feature can create a professional image and brand for the business. It can also make the phone system interactive and allows customers to reach the proper destination faster.

Dial by name directory is one of the many feature included in a virtual office phone system that can help in delivering convenience to callers.

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